As an astrophysicist my main research revolved around Lyman break galaxies (LBGs) and Lyman alpha emitters (LAEs) during (z>6) and after (z<6) the Epoch of Reionization (EoR). I used the LBGs and LAEs as probes of galaxy formation at these epochs. Using three dimensional spectroscopy (mainly from the MUSE IFU on VLT and the near-infrared grisms onboard Hubble) it is possible to probe the physics of galaxies over a large fraction of the lifetime of the Universe. Doing that, I helped piece together the puzzle of how galaxies formed and evolved. Using spectroscopic confirmations of LBGs, spectra of LAEs and their luminosity functions, it is furthermore possible to obtain general information about the intergalactic medium throughout the history of the Universe.

Some of the bigger questions I have tried to address with my research are:

I have done my research as part of large surveys and international collaborations including the MUSE Consortium and The MUSE-Wide survey, The Grism Lens-Amplified Survey from Space (GLASS), The GLASS JWST ERS program and The Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies (BoRG) survey.

To get a larger overview and more details on individual topics a good place to start is my scientific publication record.